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5 Ways to ENSURE You’ll Have a HIGH ENERGY BILL This Summer!

Okay, we all know that nobody actually wants to have a high energy bill this summer (or winter, for that matter), but there are things many of us do that unintentionally drive up our utility bills by making our HVAC system work harder than it needs to in order to keep our homes cool during the hot summer months. From running the AC when it isn't necessary to skipping seasonal AC tune-ups, there are behaviors we're all guilty of that could drop our energy bill by quite a bit if we just stopped doing them. Here are a few:

  1. Neglecting your maintenance. From your car to your dishwasher, anything with moving parts requires regular maintenance to keep it running efficiently and problem-free. That goes for your HVAC system, too. Fortunately, seasonal AC service in Olathe is neither costly nor burdensome when you've got a trained AC professional on the job.
  2. Cranking up the cold air. Trying to keep your whole house as cool as a wine cellar is going to put a heavy burden on your HVAC system—not to mention your utility bill. Most households keep their thermostat between 74 and 78 degrees during the summer months.
  3. Running it all day long. If there's nobody home, there's no reason to set the thermostat so low that your AC runs all day. What's one good way to make sure that your house is a comfortable temperature when you get home without cranking the AC all day long? Invest in a programmable or learning thermostat such as the Nest thermostat system, which will not only keep you cool in the summer but will also save you money on your energy bill.
  4. Heating up the house. Baking cookies, boiling potatoes, broiling chicken, keeping every light in the house turned on even when you're not in the room: these are all things that generate heat, and that means your AC has to work extra hard to cool the house down on a 100-degree day in July when all that stuff is also going on. That's why during the summer many people try to beat the heat by keeping shades drawn, eating light salads and sandwiches especially for daytime meals, and keeping unnecessary lights turned off.
  5. Running your ceiling fans in the wrong direction. You may not know it, but there's a little switch somewhere on your ceiling fan that changes what direction the blades turn. During the hot summer months, the blades should turn in a counterclockwise direction in order to better distribute cool air.

Most of the things that you can do to help keep your home cool during the summer without driving up your utility bill are little tricks that you can do on your own, but it's always a good idea to schedule a seasonal tune-up or AC service in Olathe before the real heat begins. If your AC needs service or just a regular check-up, call Davenport Service Company at 913-441-2222 today!

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