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Yearly Air Conditioner Tune-Ups Save Money

Spring marks the beginning of our busy season. And, at Davenport Service Company we encourage our Customers and Neighbors to schedule their annual air conditioning tune-ups early, before the summer heat hits. While doing so we are sometimes met with the questions of, “Why is this important?”

Simply said... It’s for your own good!

As we said earlier, summer is an extremely busy time for air conditioning companies like us. One of the main reasons is that some homeowners decide to skip regular maintenance on their air conditioners or heat pumps. Then, when the summer heat hits their homes, their cooling systems are not prepared. An annual air conditioner tune-up is much more convenient (and less expensive) than having to call us later in the summer for a repair.

And you will save money!

Everyone likes saving money. An annual air conditioner tune-up will save you a significant amount of money for a small up-front cost. Some of the ways a tune-up saves you money, include:

  • A well maintained, more efficient home comfort system saves you money on utilities.
  • Allows your system to last longer due to consistent maintenance.
  • Ensures fewer breakdowns and saves on repairs.
  • Reduces the risk of allergen build up and carbon monoxide issues; a clean heating system is much safer.
  • Makes sure your system is heating/cooling at optimal performance.
  • Ease your mind knowing you have the best HVAC Company in the area providing your service.

 So before the heat really sets in, get an annual air conditioner tune-up and insure your cooling system against costly repairs. But be aware, not all tune-ups are created equal.

Mark Davenport started Davenport Service Company in 1980 and has provided “Customer First” service ever since. When you call Davenport to request one of our many services you have Marks personal Guarantee that Davenport Service Company will work our hardest to leave each customer satisfied! With our extensive experience in the industry we promise to always provide The Best Products, Value, Quality Work, and Strongest Guarantees available for all residential and commercial heating and air conditioning products and services.

 For more information, or to schedule a tune-up, contact us online or call 913.441.2222.



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