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10 Quick Tips to Boost Your HVAC System’s Efficiency

As you have probably noticed, it’s been extremely hot around Olathe and the greater Kansas City area this summer. This means that plenty of people are looking for ways to beat the summer heat and save money on their utility bills at the same time. As your friendly neighborhood heating and cooling professionals, we’ve decided to put together…
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10 More Brilliant Ways to Keep Cool at Home During the Summer

Summer in the Kansas City area can be beautiful. The sun is shining. The flowers are blooming. But summer in Olathe also brings with it extreme heat and high humidity that can make things uncomfortable both indoors and out. While we can’t do much about the heat and humidity outside the house, your friendly neighborhood HVAC service company is happy…
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What You Can Do to Stay Cool at Home During a Brown Out or Power Outage

Summer weather can be great, but you know what’s not so great? When the power decides to take a vacation and leaves you baking in your own house. Here in Olathe, we’ve experienced three momentary brownouts in the last couple of weeks, which is an unusually high number. With the power grid overstretched, brownouts and…
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Understanding Seasonal Allergies and How Your HVAC System Can Help

Have you noticed that your springtime allergies are particularly bad this year? It’s not just you! If you’re experiencing allergy symptoms such as frequent sneezing, a runny nose, or eyes that are red and itchy, you’re far from alone. To make things worse, allergy season is far from over. It’s true that we’re only about…
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