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Lower Your Water Heater Temperature for Additional Summer Savings

We've written before about ways to save energy during the hot summer months here in Olathe, but there's another quick, easy, no-cost trick that can help lower your energy bill during the summer, and that's lowering the temperature setting on your water heater! According to Kansas City Power and Light, roughly 18% of the total…
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6 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Air Conditioning

Summertime in Olathe is a time when most of us are extremely grateful for our air conditioners. After all, summer can get pretty hot in the Kansas City area, and our air conditioners go a long way toward making the summer days (and nights) more pleasant. But how much do you really know about the…
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Tips and Tricks to Keep Cool on Hot Summer Nights

Whether you're listening to the local meteorologist or consulting the Old Farmer's Almanac, you can probably guess that we're in for a pretty warm summer here in Olathe. Our winter was a whole lot milder than usual, and while spring has been pretty cool so far, the back half of summer is looking to be…
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5 Ways to ENSURE You’ll Have a HIGH ENERGY BILL This Summer!

Okay, we all know that nobody actually wants to have a high energy bill this summer (or winter, for that matter), but there are things many of us do that unintentionally drive up our utility bills by making our HVAC system work harder than it needs to in order to keep our homes cool during…
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