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Eliminate the Aa-choo Factor with Air Duct Cleaning Services

The changes in the season are all around us from the blooming of the flowers and trees to the daily allergen counts for pollen and mold that accompany the weather report. For those who suffer from the hassle of seasonal allergies, getting through the spring can be a significant challenge. While many choose to ride…
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Protect the Air within your Home with an Air Duct Cleaning

Over the years, we're guessing that you've probably told someone or have been told to close the door, the heat is on. When temperatures drop, the last thing anyone wants to feel is a cold draft sweeping across the door. As a result, most homeowners focus on keeping the interior of the home as comfortable…
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How Cleaning Your Basement May Save on Your Utility Bill

Do you know where the intake fan is on your HVAC system? Take it from your local Olathe HVAC service professional: it pays to know. It'll be wherever the furnace is, which is usually in the basement. Most gas and oil furnaces require combustion air to operate, and any HVAC system is going to pull…
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Should I Really Clean my Vent Covers and Air Ducts?

Indoor air pollution has been widely cited as a contributor to allergies and exacerbated asthma symptoms, and can also be a prime culprit behind musty odors and even more unpleasant smells within the home. For these reasons, keeping your air ducts—which can become contaminated with pollutants such as dust, pollen, and even mold over time—in…
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