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Spring, the Perfect Time to Install a Heat Pump

Here in the Olathe area, the trees are bursting into color and the first of the spring flowers are breaking through the hard winter earth. Unless you suffer from the burden of allergies, this is a truly beautiful time of the year as nature puts on its spring best. Although we’ve had some interesting temperature…
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Save Yourself a Few Dollars by Installing a Programmable Thermostat

Each year the average American household spends in excess of $2,000 on energy bills, with over half of that amount being dedicated to heating and cooling alone. There are a number of ways to reduce the cost of staying comfortable throughout even the most frigid and the most sweltering months of the year, from ensuring…
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Is your Air Conditioner or Heat Pump Level?

We've all heard about the relentless drought that's gripping the Midwest. The hot, dry summers around the Olathe area have gotten even hotter and drier, which is causing numerous unexpected problems for homeowners. When the ground becomes severely parched, it cracks and shifts. As the ground settles, it becomes uneven, which can wreak havoc on…
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A Heat-Pump May Be Perfect for Your Home Heating and Cooling Needs

When considering our home's heating and cooling needs, most of us think about the standard furnace or air conditioning units to do the job. We're all familiar with these heating and cooling units, as they've been an essential part of the home for more years than we've been around. But, these days, there's another system,…
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