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When is it Time to Replace Our Home Water Heater?

If you were asked what home appliances get the most use, what would your answer be? Your refrigerator, perhaps? Or maybe your stove? Most of us would never think about our water heater, even though we use it throughout the day, time and time again. Every time you take a hot shower, wash a load…
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Avoid the Cold Shower with Water Heater Maintenance

When it comes to the a.m., you either are a morning person or you are not. If you are the rare breed of person who springs out of bed raring to start the day you definitely are a morning person. Those who are not are more likely to look for a way to gently ease…
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What is that Noise Coming from the Pipes?

If you look at the some of the popular cable TV series out there, you might think there was a collective hankering for a back-to-nature, living-off-the-land approach. A quick channel surf finds everything from families living in the wilds of Alaska to Preppers who are taking steps to live off of the grid. While it…
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