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Davenport Sponsors the High School Showcase

Davenport Service Company is a proud sponsor of the High School Showcase on All Star Video Sports. When we were approached in 2007 about supporting high school athletes and their families, we were excited and happy to say yes.

This unique Web channel puts the video spotlight on Kansas City area high school competitors. Its primary focus is baseball, softball, soccer, football and basketball. In the past three years, All Star Video Sports has shot and edited highlights and interviews from more than 250 high school games. This year, we added a mid-week Webcast focusing on college recruiting and the marquee athletes that play in our city.

The response to the show has been incredible. More than 100,000 viewers have watched these game highlights either on TV or the Internet.

We decided to support the High School Showcase because we see ourselves as similar to the high school athlete and their family. We work hard, we're dedicated to success, and we believe in the power of family and team. These are the things that have made Davenport Service Company a success, and we're inspired by our area high school athletes, their coaches, and their families.

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