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Kansas Youth Sports Sponsorships

When you think about Davenport Service Company, you probably think about air conditioners, or you think about heaters and humidifiers, depending on the season. But Davenport Service Company isn't just about Olathe heating and cooling services, top-notch customer service, and thirty years of HVAC repair and installation experience. Davenport Service Company is also about community—and that's why we're proud to sponsor youth sports of all types!

Mark Davenport, our owner, loves to promote and back youth sports in Olathe and surrounding areas like Overland Park and Gardner. It's part of the Davenport difference—we see all our friends, neighbors, and customers as a family, and attending, supporting, and encouraging participation in youth sporting events is part of being family! After all, there's not much better than kicking back with popcorn or a hot dog and watching a baseball, football, or soccer game. Green Springs Elementary in Olathe, home of the Gators, is a school Davenport Service Company is proud to sponsor, along with Morse Elementary in Overland Park, home of the Marksmen. Both schools encourage their students in healthy habits like getting outside and staying active, and we love coming out to support the Gators and the Marksmen! We're also big boosters for the Gardner-Edgerton Trailblazers. Go teams!

Not only are youth sporting events a great time, but sports give kids the opportunity to not only play games, but learn crucial lessons that will help them all throughout their lives, such as good sportsmanship, teamwork, and leadership. Regular physical activity benefits everyone in so many ways, but sports are great way to make kids in particular excited about getting their exercise. Exercise builds healthy bones, encourages muscle growth, and is great for those developing joints. It's also a good way to keep kids away from their phones, iPads, and computers, delays the development of high blood pressure, and combats excessive weight gain. Participation in sports as a kid is a significant predictor of lifelong interest in participating in sports, or at least maintaining active lifestyles. Three out of four adults over the age of thirty who play sports played them as children. It's also been shown that team sports help kids develop cognitive skills, which helps them during school hours with their grades and those all-important test scores.

A 2005 study by the US Department of Education showed that young athletes are more likely than their non-athletic counterparts to attend college—and earn their degrees! The benefits seem to extend into the workplace, as well, as many top corporate executives have played sports over the course of their lives. It makes sense—sports positively affect kids' self-esteem, help them set goals, and encourage leadership. Participation in youth sports is also linked to reduction in drug use, better mental health, and more. And it works the same for boys and girls!

Davenport Service Company is an Olathe heating and cooling services company with an interest in community and family. Call 913-441-2222 to schedule a tune-up or installation!

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