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Some Autumn Safety Tips Every Homeowner Should Read

For many of us, autumn is the most enjoyable time of the year. There are few things that are more pleasant than watching the leaves change color, or pulling on a favorite sweater to ward off the nip in the air. Fall is the season of harvests and holidays, and what could be a better addition to a family get-together than a roaring fire?

Before you turn on that furnace or stoke that fireplace, though, it's important to keep the following safety concerns in mind. Here in Olathe, heating and cooling our homes are both necessary, depending on the season, and autumn presents its own unique complications. This time of year can be very dry as well as cool, and so additional precautions are necessary for everything from yard work to heating one's home. Let's start outside, and then move indoors once we've covered our basics.

Depending on where you grew up, burning leaves is more than just a necessary chore, it's an autumnal tradition. But did you know that burning leaves can actually lead to out-of-control fries, especially as the wind tends to pick up this time of year? Furthermore, burning leaves releases all manner of carcinogens, and so many cities require their residents to first register for a burn permit—if you are in Olathe, Kansas, for example, you need to call (913) 971-7900 before burning any leaves, fallen tree limbs, or other yard waste. You also have to be extremely cautious when cleaning your gutters or engaging in any tree pruning, as ladders and pruning shears do not mix with power lines, some of which can be surprisingly hard to notice.

Now that we've got the outdoor hazards covered, let's move inside. As the weather continues to cool all of us will be heating our homes in some way or another, but this isn't something we should ever do thoughtlessly. The line between 'cozy' and 'dangerous' can be a lot thinner than we suspect. Space heaters in particular can be dangerous—one in three fires in the home are caused by space heaters. Make sure to always read the instructions for these devices, and if at all possible upgrade to a furnace, as they are safer, especially for overnight use. Candles are also a chief culprit of house fires, so be sure to never leave either a space heater or a candle unattended.

This is also the time of year when maintenance of your equipment is absolutely crucial, before it gets too cold. Before you operate your furnace or fireplace for the first time this year, be sure it has been recently inspected and cleaned, if necessary. Many accidental fires are the result of poor maintenance rather than actual user error, and so be sure to call in a professional to inspect your heating system. Finally, make sure to change the batteries in your smoke detector—it is a small investment that can quite literally save your life.

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