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Five Steps to Optimizing Your Olathe Heating System and Saving Money this Winter

We may have experienced an unseasonably warm early autumn so far this year in Olathe, but make no mistake that winter weather is on its way! When it gets here, you don't want to be caught unawares and see your heating bill suddenly skyrocket. So, what are some simple things that you can do to help optimize your home heating system and save your pocketbook this year?

The most obvious answer is to get an Olathe furnace tune-up before you turn your furnace on for the first time. An Olathe furnace tune-up can help ensure that your furnace is safe and in good working order before you fire it up, and of course a tuned-up furnace is an optimized furnace! Plus, if there is anything wrong with your heating system, it's better to catch it before it gets worse, and especially before the weather turns colder and puts more of a strain on your furnace.

Besides that, though, there are a few things that just about anyone can do to help reduce your heating bills while keeping you and your family warm and cozy on even the coldest days of the year:

  1. Make sure your home is properly sealed and insulated. This can be as drastic as ensuring that your walls have the proper insulation—replacing insulation may be a big investment, but it can also save you up to 70% if your home wasn't properly insulated before—or as simple as keeping the blinds and curtains closed after sunset. And of course, replace leaky exterior doors or windows. Not only are they letting in drafts or allowing warm air to escape, they're also taking money out of your wallet as your furnace has to work that much harder to try to keep up.
  2. Keep your humidifier on and working properly. Proper humidity has a huge impact on overall comfort, especially in the winter when the air gets dry.
  3. Change your furnace filters regularly. Furnace filters do a great job of removing particles and debris from the air, but those particles and debris have to go somewhere, and after a while they build up on your furnace filters, obstructing airflow. That means your furnace has to work harder to push the air through. So clean filters not only mean clean air, but also lower energy bills!
  4. Invest in a programmable thermostat. With it, you can set your heating system to turn on and off at programmed times and temperatures throughout the day. Wake up to a warm house by telling your furnace to kick on just a little bit before your alarm clock goes off! And hey, Davenport Service Company can actually help you install a new programmable thermostat as part of an Olathe furnace tune-up!
  5. Participate in preventative maintenance. Like with anything in life, preventative maintenance on your furnace not only helps it run better and cheaper, but also prolongs its life and heads off costly and complicated problems before they arise. And the best part? Preventative maintenance may just be the easiest thing on this list! At least, with a little help from Davenport Service Company. All you have to do is become a member of our VIP service program, and after that you don't even have to remember to make an appointment! We handle your preventative maintenance for you, plus you get discounts on repairs and equipment replacement, and so much more!

So whether you need an Olathe furnace tune-up, want to install a programmable thermostat, or would like to join our VIP Program, give Davenport Service Company a call today at 913-441-2222, and let us help you keep warm while saving money all winter long!

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