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Your Humidifier Increases Comfort and Energy Efficiency in your Home

"Baby, it's dry inside…"

Okay, so that's not how the song goes, and we know it… and yet, when it's cold outside, it's often excessively dry in our homes. This time of year, when the winter weather seems like it's already set in, all homeowners should have their humidifier running as well as their furnace.

Why? Well, for one thing, a humidified home is a more comfortable home. Dry air affects our bodies in all kinds of ways. Humidified air is less likely to chap your lips and skin, leading to cracked hands or eczema outbreaks. Dry air also dries out your sinuses and throat, making you more prone to catching colds and flu, or experiencing winter's seasonal allergies. Mold in particular can be the bane of many people's existence this time of year, and while it's usually not a big deal for your body to filter out little particles of dust, mold, and mildew, if your sinuses are dry and your throat is sore, you're more likely to be affected by these pathogens.

Humidified air also increases energy efficiency. With a humidifier running, your heater will run more efficiently (saving you money) and reduce your consumption of gas or electricity (saving the earth). It's a win-win situation! The fact is, when your home is dry, you feel less warm, even if the heater is pumping out hot air. We know you want to save money, but sitting around in three sweaters, your flannel-lined jeans, wool socks, and slippers when you're inside can be a drag. A humidifier will help you strip off layers and feel more comfortable even if the thermostat is a little bit lower.

If you don't have a humidifier, consider having one installed before the real winter weather sets in. You won't regret it! You'll recoup your initial investment quickly, especially when you factor in not only your energy savings, but the cost of gallons of body lotion, doctor's visits, medicines, etc. You'll also save when it comes to other household items affected by dry air, such as houseplants, wallpaper, and your wood furniture or paneling. Plus, being able to pet the cat without static shocking yourself and Smokey and not having to fight with your family over the settling on the thermostat are all intangibles benefit worth their weight in gold.

If you already have a humidifier, remember—it needs seasonal service just like any other household system, like your heater or air conditioner. A tune-up will keep your humidifier running beautifully all through the winter months. Different humidifiers require different kinds of service, so call Davenport HVAC Services in Olathe to make sure your humidifier gets the kind of attention it needs. We'll clean out the system of any hard water buildup and replace the filters, making sure the system is running in tip-top shape.

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