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The HVAC System Doesn’t Have to be a Mystery for a New Homeowner

So you just bought your first house, and it's time to move in. Chances are, there are all sorts of questions that you didn't think to ask the realtor or the previous owners, things about owning a house that just never occurred to you before. Where's the fuse box? What day is trash pickup?

Your new home's HVAC system may be just as much of a mystery as anything else. It could be that you don't even know what all the letters in HVAC stand for, so let's start from there. HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. It's industry shorthand for an entire system that works together to ensure that your house has "conditioned" air for you to breathe and live in. "Conditioned," in this case, means that the air is within certain comfort ranges of humidity, temperature, and air movement.

When most people think of HVAC, they primarily think of heating and cooling. Chances are your new house has some kind of heating and cooling system, probably a furnace in the ground floor or basement and an air conditioning unit that may be somewhere outside. Some houses use heat pumps to both cool and heat the air (sometimes in tandem with an indoor furnace). Your new home's HVAC system may also include things like humidifiers and air purifiers.

Regardless of what methods your home's HVAC system uses, there are three main functions that every HVAC system performs. Heating—keeping your house warm and cozy during cold months; cooling—keeping you cool and refreshed in the summertime; and ventilation—ensuring that proper air circulation is happening to keep your air fresh, clean, and odor-free. Ventilation is also what moves the heated or cooled air through the house. Your new home probably has a series of vents—connected by ductwork hidden in the walls—that allows the air to circulate through your home, pushed by fans, usually located in the furnace or air conditioner.

Once you've identified all the parts of your HVAC system, though, then what? Well, you'll want to make sure it's all operating properly. If you just bought your house, then there was probably an inspection as part of the buying process, but even so, it's not a bad idea to have a certified HVAC technician come out to check your system and make sure that everything is running as it should. While it may seem simple enough at first glance, a good HVAC system only does its job correctly when all the parts are working in tandem, and to keep them working requires professional know-how.

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