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How to Protect Your Family from Carbon Monoxide this Holiday Season

Carbon Monoxide AlarmFrequently called the "silent killer," carbon monoxide poisoning is so often the result of faulty heating units that we may as well call it the "cold weather killer." Chances are you already know what carbon monoxide is, but if not, it's a colorless, odorless, invisible gas that is produced by incomplete combustion when fuel burns. Hence cars, heating oil, natural gas, propane, kerosene, and just about anything that runs off combustible fuel can produce carbon monoxide. Normally the amounts produced are miniscule and harmless, but when something goes wrong carbon monoxide can build up to harmful and even deadly amounts.

Carbon monoxide poisoning can produce a host of symptoms within a short time, including severe headaches, dizziness, nausea, and even death. One of the most common causes of carbon monoxide poisoning is faulty or poorly maintained furnaces or other heating units. That's why the CDC recommends that you have your heating system, water heater, and any other appliances that run on combustible fuel serviced by a qualified technician every year. A licensed provider of HVAC services in Olathe can check your heating system for potential malfunctions that can lead to a buildup of carbon monoxide, ensure that all your filters are clean, and that your furnaces are properly vented.

Even if your HVAC systems have been properly inspected you can never be too careful with your family's health, especially around the holidays. With cold weather setting in, and family gatherings filling the house with people, the danger for carbon monoxide poisoning is at its highest during the holiday season. That's why it's important not only to have your HVAC systems checked every year, but also to invest in carbon monoxide detectors and keep them up to date.

A carbon monoxide detector is a lot like a smoke detector. They look similar, and they perform a similar function. Since carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless, it often builds up unnoticed over time, and many deaths from carbon monoxide poisoning occur while the family is asleep. Installing carbon monoxide detectors can give you the early warning you need to ensure that your family is safe and sound in the event of a buildup of carbon monoxide. Always use a battery-powered or battery back-up carbon monoxide detector, and remember to check or replace the batteries every time you change your clocks for Daylight Savings Time in the spring and fall.

So whether you need to have your furnace or HVAC system inspected by a qualified HVAC technician or whether you just need help picking out the right carbon monoxide detector for your home, contact Davenport Services. For more than thirty years we've been providing HVAC services in Olathe. We've seen all kinds of plumbing and HVAC problems, and provided all kinds of solutions, and we can help you make sure your family is safe from carbon monoxide this holiday season!

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