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Spring, the Perfect Time to Install a Heat Pump

Here in the Olathe area, the trees are bursting into color and the first of the spring flowers are breaking through the hard winter earth. Unless you suffer from the burden of allergies, this is a truly beautiful time of the year as nature puts on its spring best. Although we’ve had some interesting temperature fluctuations over the last couple of weeks, overall the weather has remained nice enough to have the windows open for stretches at a time.

As you well know, in the Midwest the opportunity for enjoying open windows can be somewhat brief, especially during the years when the weather shifts from winter into summer-like temperatures, skipping spring altogether. Besides the benefit of fresh air, the short-lived open window season is also a good time to save on heating or cooling costs. But there is a better way, one that can consistently create savings throughout the cold Midwest winters, the hot, humid summers, and everything in between.

A heat pump extracts the natural heat from the air outside or inside of the house and puts it to use heating or cooling the home. This is accomplished by absorbing heat from the atmosphere or ground and transferring it into heat for the home, providing a uniform distribution of heat without temperature fluctuations. Considered to be one of the most-efficient home heating systems, a heat pump can also provide cooled air much like a traditional air conditioner. Used in the reverse cycle, the heat pump can extract heat from the inside of the home to transfer outside.

The Forward and Backward of a Heat Pump

1. Cools by extracting heat from the inside of a home to transfer outside

2. Warms by extracting heat from the outside to bring inside the home

Size, Shape and Area Considerations

Similar to a traditional air conditioning system, a heat pump is installed outside. Because the heat pump pulls and releases air for heating and cooling, it’s important that the location of its installation has adequate airflow. Temporary and permanent structures including sheds, swing sets and play equipment, patio walls, dense shrubbery and trees, and trash and recycling bins can create airflow blockages, inhibiting the effectiveness of the heat pump. In addition to finding a good location for the system, it’s also important to consider the size, orientation, location and construction of the home. Keeping these in mind will allow the heat pump to function efficiently, saving you money. To learn more, contact one of the heat pump experts in Olathe at Davenport Service Company.

Davenport Services Heat Pump Offerings

  • Refrigerant changes to R-410 A from R-22 refrigerant
  • Two-speed air conditioners
  • Heat pumps up to 18 SEER (rating for cooling efficiency)
  • Tax credit-qualified equipment
  • Annual heat pump maintenance agreements
  • Friendly, 24-hour service

Founded in 1980, Davenport Service Company has provided “Customer First” service in Johnson County, Kansas for more than three decades. We provide 24/7 emergency service, preventive maintenance service, and seasonal tune-ups for commercial and residential heating and air conditioning systems. If you’re looking for a furnace tune-up in Olathe, call 913-441-2222 for hassle-free scheduling today!

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