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The 5 Worst Things You Can Do to Your Plumbing This Holiday Season

Kitchen Sink With Dirty DishesAutumn is here, and that means the days are getting shorter, the leaves are starting to change, there's a chill in the air, and kids have headed back to school. It also means that the holiday season is almost upon us, and for most families, the holiday season is a busy time with lots of company and lots of food, which can put a lot of strain on your otherwise-reliable plumbing system. So here are some tips from your friendly neighborhood Olathe plumber on what behaviors to avoid this holiday season, if you want to save your plumbing, and save yourself some headaches.

Putting the wrong things down the garbage disposal. Thanksgiving is coming up, and that means a lot of cooking and a lot of eating, which leads to a lot of waste. When you're doing a lot of cooking or hosting a big meal, a garbage disposal can come in pretty handy. But garbage disposals aren't magical vortexes that make food disappear. Everything you put down them has to eventually go down your drain, and the wrong kinds of waste can damage garbage disposals or clog pipes. Here's a list of what not to put down the garbage disposal: grease or fat, bones, fibrous or stringy vegetables like celery, pasta and rice, coffee grounds, seeds or pits, eggshells, and pretty much anything that isn't a food item (that includes cigarette butts). 

Using too much drain cleaner. With so many people using the facilities, it can be tempting to go overboard on the drain cleaner. Better too much than not enough, right? Except in this case too much can be a major problem. Overuse of chemical drain cleaners can corrode pipes and lead to a much bigger problem than a stopped-up drain. 

Leaving hoses connected during the winter. Outside hoses need to be removed before cold weather sets in, or they can damage the exterior faucet—as well as the hose itself—and lead to problems. Don't forget that cold weather can come pretty early here in Kansas, too, so unhooking your hoses before the start of the holiday season is always a good idea.

Using a brick in your toilet tank. You may've heard that a DIY solution to conserve water is to put a brick in your toilet tank. While the idea there is sound, a brick is actually a terrible thing to use, as the clay in the brick gets broken down by the water in your tank and forms sediment that can quickly clog things up. If you want a toilet tank solution to conserve some water this holiday season, try a plastic jug filled with sand or rocks instead.

Overworking your washing machine. With so many people coming and going, it just makes sense that you'll be doing a lot of laundry during the holiday season, especially if you have kids who're coming home from college. Putting too much strain on washing machines can lead to big trouble, though, especially if your machine has old rubber hoses for the water supply. Replacing them with stainless steel hoses can be a small upfront cost that saves you a lot in the long run.

Of course, Murphy's law says that if something can go wrong it will, and there's a popular corollary that adds, "at the worst possible time." So if you're going to run into a problem with your plumbing, then chances are it'll be in the middle of the busy holiday season. Fortunately, whatever problem you run into, we've got the solution at Davenport Services, your friendly neighborhood Olathe plumber!

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