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The Curse of the Shrieking Shower

When you start thinking about plumbing problems, you probably think of things like backed up sinks, overflowing toilets, loss of water pressure, that sort of thing. Unexplained noises probably aren't high on your list, and if your bathroom started wailing or shrieking, you might be more likely to call the Ghostbusters than your local Olathe plumber. But don't be too quick to call in an exorcist. Those weird noises might just be plumbing problems after all!

There are a lot of reasons why your pipes might shriek, wail, scream, or make other sounds more suitable to an unquiet spirit than a plumbing fixture. Sometimes air gets trapped in pipes, especially in older houses. Worn, loose, or sediment-encrusted valves can also lead to "singing" pipes. Fixtures that become encrusted with mineral buildup, lime, or other sediment are especially prone to making strange noises. These can be confounding events for homeowners, but for an experienced Olathe plumber, they're a pretty simple fix.

Pipes aren't the only things in your plumbing that might make unwanted noise, though. Many new homeowners find, to their chagrin, that the floor of their shower or tub pans make squeaking noises when they step on them. It's not something that most home buyers would think to do, and the real estate agent might look at you a little funny if you get into the tub and start jumping around.

When it comes to fixing up a squeaky shower floor, you have a few options. Your safest bet is to have an Olathe plumber install a new shower or tub surround. If you're not in the market for a remodel, though, your plumber may be able to fill in under the tub or shower with some insulation to help stop the squeaking, with minimal changes to the structure of the bathroom.

Even toilets sometimes contribute to the symphony of unwanted plumbing noises. The most likely culprit there is a worn, damaged, or brittle flapper in the tank. You can check it out by putting some food coloring in the tank and seeing if any of it makes its way into the bowl. A worn or damaged flapper can lead to a leak that will cause odd noises, make the toilet run from time to time, and waste water. Luckily, it's also a pretty simple fix.

Whatever the cause, no one wants their plumbing to shriek like a banshee. Not only is the noise annoying, but it's usually a symptom of some other problem that needs to be addressed. So if your plumbing is plaguing you and your family with ghostly noises, call your experienced Olathe plumber at Davenport Service Company today, and let us help you to sleep soundly, without being woken up by an unwanted plumbing concert!

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