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What is the Difference Between AC and DC Sump Pump Back-Up Systems?

Puzzled Homeowner Sump PumpSump pumps are a great way to keep your home from flooding, especially during the rainy season. But if you think about it for just a minute, one of the major drawbacks of sump pump systems becomes apparent: the pump will only work if the power is on, and what tends to happen when there's a bad thunderstorm, especially in Kansas? That's right, power outages. Combine a heavy rain with a power outage and you've got a recipe for a flooded basement, even with a sump pump in place. So what's the solution? A battery back-up system attached to your sump pump that can take over when your primary pump fails!

Battery back-ups are great for more than just power outages, too. They can also take over if your primary pump fails due to age or wear and tear, and some of them can be fitted with a float switch that starts them up when the primary pump can't move water fast enough.

With summer coming to a close and the start of the fall rainy season setting in, now's a great time to upgrade your sump pump system, or get it checked out by a professional who offers plumbing services in Olathe. Especially if your sump pump is 5-7 years old or older, you'll definitely want to get it tested. The amount of ground water around your home will affect how much your sump pump has to work, but no matter how new your pump is or how safe from flooding your house seems, it's better to be safe than sorry, and installing a battery back-up now can prevent you a lot of trouble down the road.

As with any home appliance, there are several options to consider when you're shopping for a battery back-up for your sump pump system, and selecting the right one comes down to understanding the differences. The two main kinds of battery back-ups available are DC systems and AC systems with inverters that turn the DC power of the battery into AC power to run the pump. Each one has advantages and disadvantages, and knowing which is right for you is partly a matter of knowing the needs of your home. One of the key differences between the two systems is a matter of efficiency. Because a DC system is pulling DC current directly from the battery, it can typically run much longer than an AC system, but it loses power as the charge in the battery is depleted. A DC system with a fully charged battery will pump water at 100% of its capacity, but as the battery loses charge, the pumping capacity will diminish as well. An AC system with an inverter won't run for as long because power is lost in converting the DC power of the battery into AC power to run the pump, but it will pump at or near its full capacity, even when the battery is almost entirely drained.

Choosing the right battery back-up system for your sump pump requires a knowledge of the capabilities of your current sump pump, as well as the particular needs of your location. A licensed provider of plumbing services in Olathe can help you make the right call for you and your home.

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