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Let Davenport Assist with Spring Cleaning

This past weekend, citizens across the metro dutifully set their clocks forward, officially bounding into spring. While the process lost us an hour of sleep, it enabled the gain of longer days to celebrate the official start of spring. Considering the recent stretch of above-average temperatures and beautiful sunny weather, it would appear spring in our area is off to a good start.

In addition to a marked improvement in the weather, the announcement of spring is often a catalyst for spring cleaning. The historical origins of spring cleaning are numerous, but many have a connection to ridding the home of things no longer needed or as an act of humility allowing the homeowner to start the season with a fresh slate. After a long season of hibernation, spring is the perfect time to move out the dirt and cobwebs and welcome in the new season.

Spring Clean the Plumbing

In addition to removing unneeded items and cleaning up a season’s worth of dust and dirt, spring cleaning is also a good time for maintenance designed to protect the home from unnecessary plumbing problems.

Check for Leaks – In the case of a drip it might only seem like a small amount of water, but many drips add up over time. Starting with the toilet, check to make sure each flushes properly. If there’s any need to “assist” this process by holding down or jiggling the handle to increase or halt the flow of water, it’s time to call your Olathe plumber for a more permanent and cost-effective solution.

Next, look for hidden leaks in the tank. Adding six drops of food coloring to the tank will allow you to identify leaks. If the colored water appears in the bowl after 30 minutes, there is a leak. After testing, inspect the tank and bowl for any visible leaks or cracks.

Remove Debris and Deposits – Showerheads and drains can become unintentional areas of buildup as a result of hard water deposits, soap scum, hair and debris. Remove mineral deposits by soaking the showerhead in cleaner or vinegar, then conduct a visual check in showers, tubs and sinks to make sure hair and debris are not clogging up the drain. Lastly, pour water into infrequently used drains to reduce odors, and use strainers on sink and shower drains to prevent new deposits.

Maintain the Water Heater – Regular maintenance of the water heater can go a long way in maintaining the life of a water heater and keeping it working efficiently. This year, make spring a time for dedicated maintenance, including having a water heater service company technician flush the water heater of any sediments that could shorten the working life of the heater. If the water heater is older than 15 years old, consider replacing it with a new energy-efficient model.

This spring, enhance the effectiveness of your spring cleaning initiatives with a little help from the Olathe plumbing experts at Davenport Service.

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