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Seasonal Tips to Keep Your Home Plumbing and HVAC Running at Peak Perfection this Summer

Staying Cool in SummerIn most parts of the country the arrival of summertime is a welcome event, with the season's warming sunshine signaling that it's time to pack up the snow shovels and winter coats and break out the pool toys and swimsuits. Indeed, when one thinks of summer, any number of activities may come to mind—from gardening to picnics in the park, beach outings to theme parks. Yet as wintertime's chilly weather gives way to warm spring showers and, later, the long, hot summer days, the last thing on most homeowners' minds are two of the most important considerations when preparing for the warmer months of the year: plumbing and HVAC systems.

As it turns out, both summertime activities and the season's hot weather can place extra stress on appliances and drainage systems across the home. One particularly common summertime complaint concerns kitchen sink garbage disposals, which can easily become clogged or even damaged if used improperly. Plumbing experts warn that homeowners should avoid pouring fats, such as leftover grease from a barbeque, down a disposal in order to minimize the risk of a clogged pipe. Additionally, garbage disposals are not well equipped to handle produce, and particularly harder vegetables and fruits—think corn and watermelon—or fibrous foods such as fruit and vegetable peels.

After a long winter curled up under the blankets to stay warm, nothing feels quite as good as a long stint in the great outdoors. Summertime, in other words, brings with it more laundry. As such, another vital step in preparing for the summer months is to give your washing machine hoses a once-over to inspect for irregularities such as cracks, bulges, and leaks. Moreover, moving your washer a minimum of four inches from the wall can help to ensure that hoses do not become kinked or damaged. If your washing machine hoses are more than three years old, consider replacing them. All of these measures can go a long way toward preventing a laundry room catastrophe.

Taking a few precautions when preparing your HVAC system for the warm-weather months is also advisable. During an extended period of non-use, your A/C system can collect dust and debris, which may dramatically impact its performance—and make for an uncomfortable household when temperatures skyrocket. This being the case, performing routine cleaning and maintenance on your system before the weather turns warm enough to need it can help to keep your cooling system in tip-top shape—and save you money on operating costs in the long-term.

In addition to ensuring that your HVAC unit is well cleaned and working according to the manufacturer's specifications, you can take a number of other easy steps to prepare for heavy usage during the summer months. Using quality air/furnace filters—and replacing them regularly—is one great way to help keep things running smoothly, and additionally reduces indoor allergens. Another is to keep supply air outlets open at all times, unless explicitly directed otherwise by your HVAC's manufacturer. While summer is a prime time for gardening, it is also advisable to avoid placing bushes or other plants in the vicinity of the outside unit of your HVAC system.

By following these easy steps, homeowners can ward off many of the plumbing and HVAC disasters that commonly accompany the summer months. And if maintenance isn't your cup of joe, with the help of Olathe heating and cooling professionals and a seasoned plumber, you can relax poolside while the experts take care of all of your plumbing and A/C tune-up needs.

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