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Things to do before the Plumber Arrives

There are things you can plan for such as a graduation or a summer vacation and other things which cannot be anticipated. Whether it’s a flat tire, a broken bone, or an unexpected burst pipe, it’s hard to plan ahead for this kind of inconvenience. As a result, most of us just hope for the best and plan to deal with the issue as quickly and easily as possible, when and if it happens.

As in the case of the broken bone or flat tire, there are some choices which won’t entirely alleviate the issue, but could help make the situation easier to deal with such as carrying a road protection plan or health insurance. When it comes to plumbing, unfortunately there’s no comparable prevention plan, but there are a number of things to do prior to the plumber arriving at your door.

Taking Care of the Basics

Water Valve - In the event of a burst drain or an overflowing toilet, it’s very important to know the location of the water valve in the home. The location of the valve varies in each home from the kitchen area to the basement. Once located, turn the tap clockwise to stop the flow of water, negating the potential for further water damage. When the plumber fixes the issue, turn the tap counter-clockwise to open the flow of water.

Hot Water Heater – In order to save a plumber time looking around your home, know the location of the hot water heater and fuse boxes. Also make sure that these areas are free of random piles of boxes, papers and storage bins. The accumulation of these items not only has the potential to become a fire hazard but they can also make it difficult for the plumber to work in a tight space.

Connection to the Mainline – In the event of a blocked drain, it’s good to know how your home line connects into the city’s overall system. Often this can be found by locating the manhole in or near your yard. Depending on the layout of the property, the manhole could also be located in or near your neighbor’s yard.

Gas Leak – In its natural state, gas cannot be detected. For this reason, a chemical is added to help detect its presence. If you smell an odor best described as rotten eggs or hear a hissing sound, it’s important to shut off the gas valve and leave the area immediately. Once out, contact the gas company. Do not light matches or lighters and avoid using the telephone. An electrical current in a switch could create an explosion.

In addition to these tips, it’s also a good idea to have a plumbing kit prepared with a couple of wrenches, gloves, buckets, rags and old towels. While no one anticipates a plumbing problem, a little advance preparation can go a long way to making the experience a little easier until help arrives.

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