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Top Tips for Preventing Water Damage to Your Home this Winter

Water Damage and Your HomeWater damage. If there's any phrase in the English language more likely to make a homeowner shudder in horror, we don't know it. Leaks, and the resulting damage they cause, are always a nightmare for any homeowner. Whether it's your roof, the seal around your tub, or your pipes, water has a way of ruining any homeowner's day—week—even month, when it does more than come out of the tap when you want it.

The fact is, there's no way to waterproof your home. But, the good news is, there are plenty of best practices you can follow to reduce the likelihood of a disaster. Water is unpredictable. Water is destructive. But, water often leaves telltale signs of when it's about to come rushing into your home. A few simple preparedness routines will keep you as prepared as possible, and hopefully help you prevent water damage rather than recover from it.

Think Ahead. Is your kitchen faucet dripping, or leaking from the base? Does your bathtub drain clog no matter how often you pour drain cleaner down it? Do you have a temperamental toilet? All these can be warning signs of an impending problem. While it can be a drag to run out to your local hardware store for caulk or a new faucet when you have so much else going on in your life, in the end it will save you time and money to stay on top of problems. An hour on the weekend, or a call to schedule an appointment with a licensed Olathe plumber might save you several days of annoyance later on—and that's a pretty good deal.

Do a Seasonal Preparedness Check. The cool weather and long dark nights may make you want a cup of spiced apple cider and a nice wood fire in your fireplace… but they should also remind you to check your pipes. Frozen pipes are one of the worst inconveniences a homeowner can experience, so every fall, before the cold weather really hits, make sure to do an inspection (or hire someone to do it for you). Look for cracks in your home's exterior, especially any near exterior pipes, and make sure they're insulated against cold. Shut off your hoses and exterior faucets from inside your home and leave them open. Check your records to make sure you replaced your washing machine hose this calendar year. Lastly, have a talk with your whole family, and make sure everyone knows where the water meter and shut-off valves are located, and how to shut them off and on.

Watch the Weather Report. You can't control how low the mercury drops, but there's still plenty you can do to protect your home. On extra-cold nights heat your home a little more than usual—and if possible keep the doors under your sinks open so warm air can circulate around your pipes. Also, keep your taps turned on so just a trickle of water flows through them. And if you're out of town, make sure to call whoever has your key and make sure they know your winter weather preparedness tactics.

Have Your Roof Inspected. Water damage prevention isn't all about your pipes. A leaky roof can make your life a nightmare in the winter, especially when the snows come. No one wants to see a stain on their ceiling or feel the plink of water dripping on their nose in the middle of the night. Before the winter weather sets in (or the summer rains, for that matter) have someone come to take a look at your roof—especially if any areas that give you a bad feeling. It's worth it, trust us.

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