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Heating and Cooling Services in Olathe

At Davenport Service Company, we've been providing "Customer First" heating and cooling services to Olathe, Lenexa, Leawood, Shawnee Mission, Gardner, and their surrounding regions for more than thirty years. This means that we understand the unique challenges your heating and cooling systems face in the Johnson County area, where we experience hot and humid summers and cold, dry winters. That's why our highly trained, certified technicians provide only the best in HVAC service and installation. Want to learn more about getting a new air conditioner or A/C service? How about more information on heating and furnace service and installation? At Davenport Service Company, we've got you covered.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is important to the health and comfort of you and your family. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that the majority of people experience 72% of their exposure to potentially harmful chemicals within their own homes! Fortunately, electronic air cleaners and humidifiers can help keep you and your entire family breathing easy during dry winters, pollen-heavy summers, and beyond. Click here to learn more about installation and service of electronic air cleaners and humidifiers, and how Davenport Service Company can help your family breathe a little easier.

Water Heaters

Water heaters don't last as long as many other major appliances… and unfortunately, the remedy for most water heater problems is replacement. If your water heater is around 10 years old, if you're hearing odd noises from the tank or experiencing rusty water from faucets, or if you see water leakage around the water heater itself or sediment build up preventing you from using the drain valve, then there's a good chance that your water heater is on its last legs.

That's the bad news. The good news is that the friendly and highly trained technicians at Davenport Service Company can get a new water heater in place and ready to go in no time! Not every water heater problem requires complete replacement, so click here to learn how to tell when your water heater is nearing the end of its life, or give us a call and our courteous staff can answer any questions you may have.

VIP Service to Keep You Comfortable all Year

Your HVAC system is a complex series of appliances all working in tandem to keep your home comfortable all year round. For a system that important, it only makes sense to keep it in tip-top shape, which is where our Preventive Maintenance Agreements come in. Not only do they keep your A/C performing well in the summer and your furnace working through the colder months, but as part of our VIP Program they can also save you money on service calls, equipment replacement, and more! With the Kansas City area prone to drastic fluctuations in temperature, it's good for businesses and homeowners alike to have someone looking out for you all year round, including scheduling seasonal tune-ups to keep everything running smoothly. For more information about our VIP Program or any of our heating and cooling, indoor air quality, or water heater services, call Davenport Service Company at (913) 441-2222 today, or fill out our online Contact Form to get started!