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Flooding: When April Showers Bring More than Flowers

It’s been a relatively dry spring to date but like all weather in the Midwest, you know it might only be a matter of time before things could quickly switch. From cold to hot and dry to wet, it’s not easy to know what to expect when it comes to the weather here in the Olathe area. It never hurts though to be prepared. When the spring rains come, and you know that they will, it’s a good idea to be ready with ways to combat the potential for indoor flooding.

While beautiful, early spring rains have the potential to deposit a lot of water in a short amount of time. These weather systems can be spotty and brief or last over hours or even days, leaving the ground soaked and water with nowhere to go. With overfilling storm drains, water has the potential to instead deposit itself in all the wrong places, flooding the homes, cars and businesses in its path.

Building an Interior Defense

Combating the spring rain can be easier by making a number of preparations that will ensure water will find the path of least resistance, moving out and away from your home. On one of those nice spring days, get out the sturdy ladder and climb up to the roof to check the condition of the gutters or better yet, call someone to do the climbing for you. The remnants of a late fall and mild winter have the potential to translate into gutters being blocked with organic debris and the contents of the local squirrels’ winter stash of acorns. Clean the debris from the gutters to open the way for water to easily flow out through the drainpipes below.

Next, check the drains housed within the window wells for blockage. These drains help funnel water to the foundation footing drain. Much like the gutters, these recessed areas can become deposit spots for leaves, water, organic debris and the occasional dead animal who gets stuck and can’t get out. Remove anything blocking the drains and finish by replacing any broken window well covers to help divert the heaviest of the rain.

An Additional Back-up System

Placed in the crawl space or basement of a home, a sump pump sends water out through a pipe within the home to be deposited in a city storm drain or well. The sump pump springs into action when the sensor detects rising water. This trigger could be the result of an overflowing washer, sputtering gutters or a heavy spring rain. Both the submersible pump and the pedestal pump options use the law of centrifuge to move water to the sides of the pipe, creating a low-pressure area near the middle. A one-way valve within the pump then shifts the water away from the home’s foundation. Before the April showers come, call the Olathe plumbing company to make sure that your sump pump is in good working order.

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