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Davenport Customer Stories

New Mother and Baby Needed Help

Mrs. Young was getting cold and it was getting late. Her husband was on deployment with the armed forces, her furnace had quit and she didn't know who to call. When she asked her neighbor for some advice, he said he had just referred a highly recommended company to his mother and they'd done a great job. Mrs. Young called the emergency line for Davenport Service Company and Mark answered. Within an hour the heat was warming mom and baby. The repair cost was only a service call as it was a wire that had fallen off inside the furnace. The original phone call was answered at 1:15 pm and the heat was back before anyone really got cold.

New A/C Unit Immediately!

Ms. Heath called around 3:15 in the afternoon with the temperature touching 100 degrees. She had no air conditioning. Although the service schedule was packed, our dispatcher made room and fit Ms. Heath in. Mark Davenport was sent out immediately. When he arrived he found that her air conditioner was beyond immediate repair. Mark hustled back to the Davenport Shop to pick up a temporary A/C unit and returned by 6 pm to get her cooling within minutes. You see, Ms Heath is 91 years young and she had a party planned that evening at 7 pm. Ms Heath invited Mark to the party. He won his first time at bingo that night!

Busted Knee and Water Heater

Water was flowing across Mr. Claxton's basement floor, but with his newly operated-on knee, he could not get down the stairs to investigate the source. We sent Terry over and within minutes he was able to turn off the main water valve to stop the water from getting to the carpet. Terry then spent the next couple hours replacing the old leaking water heater with a new, high efficiency water heater with a 12-year warranty. Mr. Claxton became a new priority client, an arrangement where Davenport performs preventive maintenance on his HVAC system twice a year. Mr. Claxton received a $100.0 discount on his water heater purchase plus he paid no service call fee.

Sunday Services Saved by Davenport

It was Sunday morning and the church was about to open its doors, but without cooling in the sanctuary it would be too hot. The pastor was the first to notice it around 8 a.m. and his first service was in a little over two hours. He called Davenport right away, thinking that he would have to cancel Sunday service. To his delight and surprise, the air conditioner was fixed and working for the first service and very comfortable by the second service. A Davenport technician worked with the A/C for the next 6 hours, keeping the overheated air conditioner from shutting down. This action kept the old A/C going and providing cooing to the sanctuary until the afternoon. The next day we returned to install a new system. The parishioners and the Pastor had something new to be grateful for.

Stress Relief Just a Phone Call Away

Ms. Pollard was very stressed out when she called. She was concerned about the filters in her furnace and air conditioner. The reason she was stressed was because she couldn't find them in her system and wanted to get them replaced. We explained our Priority Maintenance Agreement which was exactly what she needed to relieve her HVAC stress. We sent Daniel out and he performed the maintenance on her system. By the way, Daniel couldn't find a filter either, so he installed new ones where they were supposed be in the first place. He also found that her humidifier was not working and with a cleaning and an adjustment, Ms. Pollard had warm, clean, healthy and moist air again.

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