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One of the things we love about living in the Kansas City area is the way the seasons change. We get to see the wildflowers of spring, the vivid greens and chirping cicadas of summer, and, of course, the changing leaves of autumn. As the weather gets cooler in Olathe, the apples are ripe for picking, football is back on TV, and all our comfiest clothes come out of storage!

Let’s face it, though. Those of us who live here in the Midwest don’t always love the drastic swings in weather that often accompany those pleasant seasonal changes. We may be scraping frost off our car in the morning only to be sweating in our shirtsleeves by afternoon!

When temperatures are all over the place, it can seem nearly impossible to keep the house from becoming way too hot or miserably cold at the most inopportune times. You’re sweltering when you’re trying to cook dinner and freezing when you get out of the shower or trying to drag yourself out of your nice warm bed! Luckily, “smart” thermostats can help keep the house cozy and comfy through the entire roller coaster ride that is Kansas City weather in the fall and all the rest of the year, too.

Your old thermostat – If your house was built in the days before the internet, Wi-Fi, and digital smart devices, the thermostat in your home is probably still electromechanical. These were once at the cutting edge of temperature-control technology. How do they work? A metal coil or strip inside the thermostat actually registers the change in temperature inside the house, which signals to the mechanism that the heat or A/C needs to kick on. Even if you don’t have one of these thermostats, you’ve probably seen one. It looks like a round dial or a rectangular box with sliding levers for night and day temperature settings.

If you think that sounds pretty old-fashioned by today’s standards, well, you’re not wrong. When digital thermostats hit retail shelves, complete with LED or LCD displays, no internal moving parts, and buttons or other data entry pads to change settings or program temperatures, it felt like a revolution in thermostat technology, and it was at the time. Even if your home has one of these, it may be ticking toward its last days. Thermostats don’t necessarily have a set life expectancy, but you shouldn’t be surprised if they start malfunctioning after a decade or so of continual use.

Benefits of smart thermostats – Digital thermostats offered more precise control of the temperature within the home and gave users the ability to program temperatures at specific times of day. And because they have no mechanical parts, there’s less to break down. Smart thermostats take all of that one step further. Smart thermostats not only feature a handy digital display and offer us total control over the temperature of the house, they actually “learn” what our preferences are and make the adjustments for us, keeping us cozy and comfortable throughout the day or night.

Smart thermostats also help save us money by optimizing the temperature for both maximum comfort and maximum efficiency, while avoiding running the heat or A/C when we’re not home to enjoy it. These days, there are many fine smart thermostat models to choose from, but Davenport Heating and Cooling in Olathe highly recommends Nest and Honeywell brands.

Nest learning thermostats are some of the best available in the smart thermostat market, helping Olathe homeowners save money and energy while staying cool and cozy all year round. Easy to use, functional, and aesthetically pleasing, the design of Nest thermostats harkens back to those original electromechanical models even while the thermostats themselves are cutting edge and top of the line! The latest and greatest is the Nest Learning Thermostat v.3, which has a big, sharp, easy-to-read display nested inside a ring available in a variety of colors to match your home’s decor. Looking for a lower-priced option? The Nest Thermostat E boasts all the features that we’ve come to associate with the Nest brand, including a remote control that can be handled right from your phone via the Nest app. Both of these (and more) Nest options are available in Olathe right now, sold and installed by the Olathe heating and cooling pros at Davenport Service Company.

Honeywell has been a leader in the thermostat game for more than a hundred years, but that doesn’t mean that the company’s approach is old-fashioned. Honeywell has been on the cutting edge of plenty of technological advances, and the company’s current generation of smart thermostats is a perfect example. The Lyric T5 is a great value for the money, while the Honeywell RTH8580WF Wi-Fi Thermostat is a perfect budget choice for those who may think that they can’t afford a smart thermostat. The T9 is one of Honeywell’s best, with remote sensors that can help keep the temperature well-regulated throughoutyour home. If you crave beauty and simplicity of design, the Round Smart Thermostat may be just what you’re looking for. Davenport Service Company is proud to sell and install Honeywell smart thermostats in Olathe.

Never fear weather changes again – With a little help from these smart thermostats, you’ll be able to enjoy all the good parts of the changing seasons in the Kansas City area without having to worry about keeping the house warm when the temperature plunges. Even when you’re away from home or asleep, these learning thermostats can keep your home cozy while also saving you money on your Olathe heating and cooling bill. Some even keep tabs on the weather!

Get your smart thermostat professionally installed – A new thermostat is more than just a way to control the temperature. It’s a part of your home’s entire heating and cooling system. To get the most out of your new smart thermostat, have it professionally installed by an Olathe heating and cooling specialist like Davenport Service Company.

At Davenport Service Company, your comfort is our first priority! We’ve been going out of our way to make sure that Olathe residents could enjoy the changing seasons for more than thirty years. Whether you’re in the market for a Nest or Honeywell smart thermostat or just need a heating and cooling system tune up, call Davenport Service Company at 913-441-2222 today!

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