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Summer weather can be great, but you know what’s not so great? When the power decides to take a vacation and leaves you baking in your own house. Here in Olathe, we’ve experienced three momentary brownouts in the last couple of weeks, which is an unusually high number. With the power grid overstretched, brownouts and power losses are more likely, especially as temperatures are on the rise. What can you do to stay cool if the worst should happen? Not to worry! Your friendly neighborhood HVAC service company has some tips to help you chill until the power comes back on.

1. Stay Hydrated. This is one of the most important pieces of advice you’ll ever get during the summer, and all of that extra H2O is especially important when there’s no A/C. Heck, you can even throw in some cucumber and a few ice cubes and pretend that you’re at the spa, sipping away. Whatever you do, make sure you drink plenty of water as the temperatures rise, whether the power is on or not.

2. Close Those Curtains. This is another tip that’s great even when the power is still on. Sunlight brightens up your house, but it also warms it considerably. Closing blinds or curtains during the day can actually keep your home quite a bit cooler, whether the air conditioner is running or not, and it can help you to save on your utility bills throughout the summer. Close those curtains when the sun is out. You’ll thank us later!

3. Fan It Out. What can you do if your A/C goes out, but the power is still on? Besides calling on your Olathe heating and cooling professionals, ceiling fans and portable fans can be a lifesaver. Don’t forget to switch the direction of your ceiling fans for the summer. When the weather is hot, ceiling fans should be rotating counter-clockwise to push cool air down. Consider buying some rechargeable fans for times that the power is out entirely.

4. Cold Towels and Ice Packs. If you’re feeling overheated, try putting a cold pack or a damp, chilled towel on your neck or forehead. It’ll cool your whole body down in a hurry. At the same time, be careful not to open your refrigerator or freezer doors too often when the weather is hot, especially if the power is out!

5. Dress for the Weather. During the summer, lightweight, loose-fitting clothes are your friends. They’re always great to help you stay cool. If you’re just lounging around the house, you can wear a bathing suit or whatever you feel comfortable with. You’ll be closing the blinds and pulling the curtains anyway, so you can dress as skimpily as you need to in order to stay cool.

6. Don’t Heat Up the Kitchen. It’s salad and sandwich season! For real, though, one of the best tips when it comes to keeping your house cool in the summertime is to avoid running the oven or stove when you can help it, especially at dinner time. If the house is already hot, there’s no need to heat it up further. Of course, you probably can’t run the stove when the power is out, but it’s still a good idea to dine on cool foods when you’re feeling overheated.

7. Keep the Air Flowing. You’d be surprised what a good cross-breeze can do. Opening windows on opposite sides of the house can make a huge difference in the temperature, especially early in the morning or later in the evening. As the outside weather heats up, though, you’ll probably want to close them. There’s only so much even a cross-breeze can do against the noonday sun on a scorching Olathe summer day.

8. Check on the Neighbors. Even if you’re doing okay in the event of a power outage, that doesn’t mean that your neighbors are having the same luck. It’s a good idea to check in with neighbors, especially those who might struggle without electricity, such as neighbors who are older or those with small children. You never know; they might have something that can help you out, too, like a generator or some extra ice.

9. When All Else Fails, Get Out. Look, sometimes your house just isn’t the place to be. If the power goes out and stays out and you find the house heating up, you can always take a drive to some air-conditioned public space where the power is still working, such as the mall or library. Why not partake in the time-honored tradition of catching a summer blockbuster in a cool, dark movie theater when the heat is on?

10. Know Who to Call. There’s not much that even the best HVAC service company can do for you while the power is out, but if it’s just your air conditioner that’s on the blink, you’ll want to be able to call your local Olathe air conditioning pros on the double. These tips are great for a temporary fix, but nothing beats the comfort of a working air conditioner. Keep our number handy throughout the summer months. What’s more, you may want to call even if everything is working fine so that you can get the regular maintenance that your air conditioner needs to keep running, even on the hottest days.

Not sure who to call? The Olathe heating and cooling professionals at Davenport Service Company, have been providing “Customer First” air conditioner repair and tune-ups for more than thirty years. We know what an Olathe summer is like, and we’re happy to help keep your house cool all summer long, no matter what the weather does. Whether your air conditioner needs some TLC or you just want to get on our regular maintenance schedule, call Davenport Service Company at 913-441-2222 today!

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