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You know what they say about April showers, but May is typically the rainiest month here in the Kansas City area. With a particularly wet winter behind us, however, there’s a very good chance that we’ll see plenty of rainfall in April, June, and July, as well. While all that water may be good for the grass and flowerbeds, it isn’t so great for basements. That’s why most homes around KC typically have sump pumps. Don’t know much about your sump pump? Your Olathe heating and cooling (and sump pump) specialists are here to help!

How Does Your Sump Pump Work?

There are lots of different kinds of sump pumps out there. Some are submersible while some are pedestal-style. Some are hard-wired while others have battery backups. But all of them work in a similar way. When ground water begins to seep up, it collects in a sump tank. The tank has a float inside, so that when the ground water inside reaches a certain level the sump pump turns on, pumping the water away from your house and keeping your basement from flooding.

What’s a Battery Backup Sump Pump System?

Unfortunately, here in Kansas City, heavy rains are often accompanied by thunderstorms, which can knock out power, too. This means that hard-wired sump pumps may become inactive if the power goes out. The battery backup in a sump pump acts as a failsafe to make sure the sump pump keeps working, even if the electricity isn’t.

How Do You Test a Sump Pump at Home?

Most sump pumps can be tested relatively easily. Just get a bucket or a gallon milk jug, fill it with water, and pour it slowly into the sump tank or pit. Keep an eye on the float and make sure that the water doesn’t get too high. If the pump is working properly, it will kick on when the water—and therefore the float—reaches a certain level. If you have any concerns about your sump pump’s performance, you can always call an Olathe sump pump repair professional to have it evaluated.

When is it Time to Replace Your Sump Pump?

By the time there’s standing water on your basement floor, it might be too late. What are a few warning signs that something might be wrong with your sump pump? It might start making strange noises— although when they’re working, sump pumps always make some noises that might sound strange—or it might seem to be vibrating excessively when it’s running. Rust or other deterioration are also bad signs. And if your sump pump runs all the time or is older than 8-10 years, then you may be looking at a sump pump repair or replacement.

Fortunately, whether you need a new pump or simply an Olathe sump pump repair this spring, you’ve got a friend in the business. Davenport Service Company can walk you through the ins and outs of your sump pump, fix it up, or put in a new one, so that your basement stays dry through the worst spring rains. Just give us a call today at 913-441-2222!

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