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After an especially mild winter, spring seems to have arrived a little early here in Olathe. The trees are already budding out, we’ve had our first tornado warning of the season, and that means that Olathe residents are probably already thinking about things like spring cleaning. What are some things that you can do as part of your spring cleaning project to improve air quality and help ensure that your HVAC system is ready to go for spring and summer? Your Olathe air conditioning service company has a few suggestions.

Deep clean. Spring is the perfect time to give your home that deep clean that it’s been needing. Dust away all the cobwebs left over from a long winter, remove clutter, and get everything clean and shining as you head into warmer weather! Besides clearing away dust and other debris that can get into the air—don’t forget to beat out or shampoo rugs!—including your basement in your spring cleaning routine can go a long way toward improving your indoor air quality!

Hire a carpet cleaner. Carpet is great for a lot of things, but one thing about it that’s not so great is its ability to trap dust, bacteria, pollen, pet hair, and other particulate matter that can lead to odors, allergies, poor air quality, and even illnesses. The solution is to hire a reputable carpet cleaning service to give all your carpets a deep clean. Fortunately, many carpet cleaning services around Olathe offer spring cleaning specials around this time of year, so keep an eye out for a good deal and take advantage!

Upgrade your technology. With how unpredictable Kansas weather can be, it’s hard to say whether we’re in for a hot summer or a mild one. Regardless, installing a programmable or learning thermostat can help you cut down on utility bills, while also maximizing the comfort level in your household whether you’re at home or away. One of the most advanced, user-friendly, and popular brands of programmable thermostats on the market are Nest learning thermostats, which you can have installed quickly and easily by an authorized Nest thermostat installer.

Do the windows. Cleaning and inspecting your windows and screens may already be part of your spring cleaning checklist, but it’s especially important to make sure that you get any gunk that may have accumulated on the interior of the frame over the winter so that when it’s a particularly nice day outside, you can air out the house by throwing the windows wide and catching a breeze. (Unless, of course, you happen to suffer from allergies. Even then, cleaning your windows thoroughly is still a good idea!)

Get a complete air conditioning system tune-up. Have your AC system inspected and tuned for the spring and summer cooling season. Just like giving your car a checkup before leaving for a road trip, there are a lot of benefits to keeping your HVAC system tuned up, especially before it starts working hard during the hot summer months. An inspection from an Olathe air conditioning service company such as Davenport will get you a 25-point tune-up that includes changing your furnace filters, turning off your humidifier for the season, adjusting the flow of air through the ducts in the house, and a whole lot more!

So as part of your spring cleaning plan this year, make a call to Davenport Service Company at 913-441-2222 today! Whether you’re looking for a tune-up from an Olathe air conditioning service company or a new thermostat from an authorized Nest thermostat installer, Davenport Service Company has what you need to start your spring and summer off right!

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