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Summertime in Olathe is a time when most of us are extremely grateful for our air conditioners. After all, summer can get pretty hot in the Kansas City area, and our air conditioners go a long way toward making the summer days (and nights) more pleasant. But how much do you really know about the air conditioners that keep us cool throughout the hot summer months? Here are a few things you might not have realized about your air conditioner that may remind you of why it’s a good idea to get regular Olathe air conditioner service to see you through the summer heat…

The very first air conditioner was put into use in 1902, by a New York-based publishing company. The first air conditioner wasn’t installed to cope with the heat as much as it was to control the humidity during the summer months to help ensure that the ink in their books dried more evenly. The first electrical air conditioner unit was developed by Willis Carrier, the man who founded the Carrier Corporation, which still makes air conditioners and refrigeration solutions today.

During the 1930s most households and businesses didn’t have air conditioners yet, but movie theaters did. In fact, staying cool was part of the draw of going to the movies. Classic films like All Quiet on the Western FrontThe Wizard of OzGone with the WindKing KongThe Thin Man, and even Dracula and Frankenstein debuted in the 1930s. The tendency to view going to the movies as a cheap way to cool off during the hot summer months has persisted to this very day, and was part of the reason for the advent of summer blockbusters following the success of Steven Spielberg’s 1975 hit Jaws.

Your modern air conditioner works pretty much the same way as your refrigerator, just on a bigger scale. A liquid absorbs heat as it converts to a gas. Refrigerators and air conditioners use coils filled with compounds called refrigerants that change from liquid to gas at low temperatures. Fans then propel warmer air across these cooling coils and throughout the house—or the refrigerator, as the case may be. At least, that’s how it’s supposed to work, and you can help to keep it working by getting seasonal air conditioner tune-ups to keep your air conditioner in good shape all summer long.

The idea of summer break comes from an early lack of air conditioners in schools. Without air conditioners, schools across the country could get pretty hot in the summertime. Hence, summer break. Many government buildings used to shut down for part of the summer for similar reasons.

Closing your vents can be a great way to cut down on your cooling bill, but it can also put a strain on your HVAC system. By closing off the flow of air to rooms you don’t use, you can reduce the amount of space that your air conditioner has to cool, but doing so can also cause your air conditioner to work harder. Just another good reason why you should have periodic Olathe air conditioner service performed by a professional service company to make sure that everything’s in good working order.

Your air conditioner will usually let you know there is something wrong before it quits on you. You just have to know what signs to look for. If it seems like your air conditioner is running continuously, that may mean that it’s struggling to cool the house. If your rooms don’t seem comfortable, even when the thermostat is set to a reasonable temperature, it may mean that your air conditioner is having a problem. Abnormally high utility bills or strange noises coming from your air conditioning unit are also signs that it’s time to have your air conditioner looked at.

Whether you need Olathe air conditioner service or just a seasonal air conditioner tune-up, call the pros at Davenport Service Company and we’ll help keep your air conditioner running all summer long! Just call 913-441-2222 today to set up your air conditioner tune-up or service!

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